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How to Escape from the Financial Stress: Financial Wellness

The most common exhausting thing in this universe is probably financial stress. Everyone needs money to buy daily necessities. Even though money is not the only thing to get that, surely it is a big deal. Having a big income does not mean you have nothing to worry about. The way you manage the money is the problem.

So, is there any way to escape financial stress? Yes, there is always a better way to solve all problems in life. In this chance, let us give you some steps to get you out of the financial stress, go get your notes first!

1. Save an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund will let you have peace of mind and will relieve a lot of financial stress, especially when an emergency does happen. Something that you will have to stress and scrape the money together for in the past, can now just be handled. Eventually, an emergency fund with 4-6 months’ worth of expenses saved up is a great goal to have.

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2. Establish a sinking funds

Sinking funds can be an absolute solution when it comes to sticking to a budget and handling both expected and unexpected expenses. Sinking funds work similar to an emergency fund, except you save the money for a specific expense.

So, there are not really “unexpected” expenses. You just may not know exactly when an expense will come up. Sinking funds may help you pay things when they happen instead of having to rearrange your budget to cash flow them.

3. Make a budget

A budget enables you to tell where your money goes when you get paid, instead of the money just disappear and you have no idea where you spent it. When you make a budget, you know exactly how much you have to spend on different things and can plan accordingly. It is an important step in getting out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

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4. Track your spending

Many financial stress people never realize how much they spend their money and constantly feeling like they do not have enough money on the paydays. Usually, this is because you spend money but have no idea where it is going.

You are likely spending money on things that really are not a high priority and rather spending it impulsively. Tracking your spending along with being on a budget can help reduce this stress.

5. Make a plan to pay your debt

Paying off debt takes patience because, for most people, it takes a little while. Debt has become so normal in our society that most people don’t even consider making extra payments or working on paying their debts off early.

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Debt payments are one of the biggest causes of financial stress. Getting handcuffed by payments every month can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if you have a lot of payments to make.

Creating a plan to get out of debt can provide a lot of relief. Getting ahead and paying off your debt is an amazing way to kick out that financial stress. And finally, you will be able to use your money to build the life you want.

4 Simplest Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle amidst Busy Life

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to achieve when you don’t even have a chance to breathe from one schedule to another. So, no need to debate that staying healthy is even tougher when you are working a full-time job.

It can be hard making it to the gym in the middle of rush-hour traffic on your way home or trying to cook a healthy dinner after a long day at the office. But, every problem always has its solutions.

You can start to practice four simplest ways below to keep the healthiness of your body that may give a big change in so many ways. Keep scrolling to the very end and find yourself enjoy life more!

1. Keep your Tumblr with you

We should all be consuming a minimum of 8 cups of fluids a day. We need to stay hydrated even while we’re sitting at our chair all day. Everywhere you go, your Tumblr has to be with you.

This includes meetings, coffee breaks, just literally everywhere. You’ll gradually get into the habit of sipping throughout the day and refilling. And you’ll begin to notice yourself drinking more and more water over time.

2. Pack your lunch

By packing your lunch, you can choose everything that you want to eat and you can control what kind of nutrition digested by your body. Pack the healthy food you want according to your preferences and eat a properly portioned of healthy meals.

You may feel it as a burden since you have to prepare everything in the morning. To make it easier, you can make a schedule every Sunday for a weekly lunch. You can also prepare the ingredients, so every morning you only need to pack and follow the schedule.

3. Put yourself first

Your mental health is important. Throughout your workday, you need to pay attention to how and what you’re feeling and put yourself first. Remember that work is work, and your health always is a thing that you should keep it on the top priority.

If you push yourself to pass your limits, you will just get burnout. Stress, fatigue, and anxiety are all signs that you may just need a break. Observe yourself, be aware, and listen to your body, because nothing is as important as your well-being.

4. Sneak a workout

Nowadays, there are dozens of gym with different opening hours to match the spare time of the office worker. Yes, after shift. You can book a session after your shift is over. It will be perfect if the gym is nearby your office.

Just pack your things and do the workout while your body is still in the mood to move before you have a relaxing time at home. But if you feel it such a burden because maybe the works at the office have drained your energy, you can do it yourself at home.

There are several great workout guides nowadays that show you how to get a good workout in your own home. Working out at home, of course, provides you with more flexibility when it comes to timing. The only problem is that sometimes home can be a little too comfortable, which puts you back in the place you started.

It is easy to skip a workout since there is no routine. We guess it will be better to find a strong motivation to do your workout after a shift at the gym.

4 Tips to Maximize Your Sleep at Night, Time to Say Goodbye Fatigue!

Do you ever feel really tired when you wake up in the morning even after getting 8 hours of sleep? Well, you have come to the right place. Now, you just need to read this article below to say goodbye to that fatigue and greet the morning sunshine with full of energy.

But first, let us explain some of the possible factors which make your night sleep doesn’t hush away your fatigue. Check it out!

1. Sleeping with the light on might disrupt your sleep pattern.

2. You might be in an extremely stressful condition and it can be worst if you have anxiety.

3. You drink too much water before sleep, it makes you keep waking up in the middle of the sleep to go to the bathroom. Besides, the food with spicy and high-fat that you eat before sleep can disrupt your digestive system.

4. You might have an activity which makes you sit in a long time with minimum movement, it will make you feel constantly tired.

5. Working on shifts makes your sleep pattern and time change from time to time, so your body confuses to make its rhythm to take a rest.

Now, how to overcome those problems? These following tips may help you to maximize your rest at night. Keep scrolling!

1. Set the mood to be ready to sleep at night

The things that you do before your bedtime holds the most important key to your morning mood when you wake up. So, you have to prepare your mind that you are going to sleep.

You can start by washing yourself up, wearing comfortable pyjamas that you wear only for sleeping rather than for your daily activity. Your mental state will be ready and your heartbeat will start to calm down.

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Set your bedroom’s lighting into warm light if you are usually sleeping with the light on. You have to start to get used to sleeping with the darker light, it will help you sleep better.

2. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

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Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up will make your body feels fresh and better to awaking your body after some hours of sleep. Drinking water will also increase your metabolism system for the day. But if it’s too plain for you, you can add some slices of lemon or make an infused water a night before.

3. Never hit the snooze button

Do not ever push the snooze button as soon as your alarm ringing. It will put your body to be more tired because actually, your body is ready to wake up.

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4. Wash your face as soon as you wake up

Washing your face with clean and fresh water always works to keep you feel awake and more alive. It will be better if you take a bath, to wake up every cell of your body.

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But if it’s still hard to do, you can prepare spray water next to your bed. Even if it’s just in small amount, but it is effective enough to get your body alert.

4 Wellness Goals to Achieve, The ’20s Should Take a Peek!

Setting up resolutions every period is very important. It will guide you to keep on track. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. But the matter is, there is always be a chance of failure for every resolution or goal even just 0.00001%.

In the process of making the goals, you need to put some consideration if that goal is achievable or just impossible to reach. Sincerely, you will never get your body goal if you cannot even go to sleep before having a big bite of burgers. It should be reachable and bearable to do. You do not have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Let us bring you some simple wellness goals which you can do consistently and may change your life to be better from time to time. Check it out!

1. There is something fun on exercise

Keep it in your mind that there is always something fun behind exercises. You do not have to go to the gym and meet a strict personal trainer who disciplines you to keep you on track.

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It is good if you even hire a personal trainer. But if you’re a beginner, you can start to set on your mind that exercise is a fun thing to do. You can start moving your body by doing your hobbies, such as jogging while listening to your favourite music, hiking with your besties, plant your favourite veggies, cook your favourite foods, and many more.

2. Prioritize sleep

Nowadays, people tend to have sleep-deprived due to stress and pressure from their daily life. Getting a good quality sleep at night will give you a fresh start for tomorrow morning. Every cell on your body needs to take a rest, so you need to make it a priority.

You need to set up a certain time in the evening to finish your activity and you’re ready to go to bed. You need to schedule it regularly so your body can have its biological alarm. The most important thing is “do not over-work”!

It is okay if you over-work for two or three days a row, but if you over-work for a month a row, your body will turning on its emergency alarm to take a rest.

3. Embrace every moment

You only own your time right now, not a second ago or some days after. So do not waste your energy thinking of something in the past that you cannot change and stress yourself about the future that may never come. Enjoy your life at fullness. Appreciate every second of your moment and you will able to achieve greater happiness.

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4. Self-love is your focus

Make yourself at the top priority to be loved, not by the others but by you. If you already achieved this goal, there is no more disappointment from other people by hoping to love you because you already soaking yourself with love. You may share it which others, but you need to put them after you.

5 Ways to Express Your True Feelings: Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness holds the most crucial key to lead you to the proper life. Emotional stability tends hard to achieve especially for people in their 20’s because they have to deal with Quarter Life Crisis. To achieve stability, you need to acknowledge the emotion then express it in appropriate ways.

Understanding and respecting yourself is the simplest way to know what kind of emotion that you feel right now. Or you can do a meditation to reflect what is in your mind. But, many people usually have problems when they are trying to express their emotions and it can give impacts to the surrounding.

Some of the bad ways to express the emotion are like yelling or exploding over something without a specific reason. It should be avoided because whether it is positive or negative energy you radiate from you, it will give impact to the other’s emotions.

On the other hand, if you are not expressing the emotion that you feel, it will be piled up and trapped inside yourself. You will potentially explode at an unexpected time and an unexpected way. So, here some best ways to express your true feelings.

1. Stay Positive

When you make a mistake, accept it. Do the affirmation that everybody in this universe makes a mistake not even once. You are human too and do not blame yourself for too long. Do not sink yourself into negativity or it will drain your energy. Learn from your mistake and make a deal with yourself that you are not doing that again in the future.

2. Reflect

Dig into yourself by giving “why” question. “Why am I feeling this way?” “Why do I deserve to be treated this way?” The way you respond matters. Know every feeling you have in your spare time without distraction, the best time is before you go to bed at night.

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3. Love

It sounds cheesy, right? But, surely love or to be loved will make you have a “way” to confess your feeling properly. It’s like the basic needs of human beings. Your emotion will be relatively stable because there is someone who always beside you. Different from having a best friend, having a “partner” will make you have a “home” to share all of your emotions.

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4. Move On

Forgive the past and prepare your future, it is easy to say but hard to do. Some people, who have trauma in the past or some feeling that do not over yet, tend to have a wall that obstructs them to move on. But you try to move on or you will be trapped in the past.

5. Your Happiness is a Priority

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It is a good thing if you make other people happy. But if you make people happy by sacrificing your happiness, it’s such a terrible nightmare for yourself. Put your happiness on the top of your priority. If you are not being treated the way you deserve, you should leave them. They do not deserve your kindness.

6 Simple Self-Care Activities for Your Wellness, Millennials Shouldn’t Miss It!

Workers nowadays tend to have a very fast workflow at the office due to the responsibilities and a packed schedule which make them so caught up in their job. As a result, they will experience sudden fatigue even without doing any physical activities. This is one of the signs that you are in a stressful condition.

It might be accumulated to be a depression if you don’t give a self-care to yourself. You need to create some space and time to practice some simple self-care activities to maintain your mental health in a good state.

There are 6 simple self-care activities. Some of them are worth to try in your spare time at the office. You may need to find your rhythm to build a good habit, so you need to keep yourself on track.

1. Stretch

Working from 9 a.m until 5 p.m at your desk may give tension on your body. You need to take some minutes rest every three hours to release the tension on your body by doing a simple stretching. There are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube which you can freely access, so you can find the most suitable one with your condition.

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2. Breath

It is not just simply breathing. It is breathing in a certain formation like in 4-7-8 breathing technique. It can help to clear up your mind and make a room in your chest. It just takes some minutes, so you can find a time in the middle of your break or lunchtime.

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3. Try something new

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Living day by day, doing the same job from Monday to Friday may give yourself a chance to burnout due to fatigue. You need to try some new things on the weekend like finding new hobbies such as gardening, cooking, painting, and many more. It will give you positive destruction on your weekly routine activities.

4. Quality time with a quality person

Meeting such a click person in your life is something that you cannot buy with money. It is a treasure. Love or to be loved will give you a “way” to confess your feeling properly.

It’s like the basic needs of human beings. Your emotion will be relatively stable because there is someone who listens to you. It may give you a positive insight and a new point of view about a problem which you need to face at the office.

5. Take a walk

You can do this activity at the office when you lack ideas or you start to feel stuck at some problems. Just a simple walk such as walk to the pantry and make a cup of coffee or walk to the backyard to see some green. It may give a big impact to restart your mind in a blink of an eye.

6. Quality sleep

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After a long day at the office, your body needs to take its time to restart all of the systems that only work when you are in a deep sleep. So it is really important to have a good sleep every night because it’s not only giving impact to your physic but also your mental health.

6 Dimensions of Wellness You Need to Improve to Have a Better Life

Wellness is not only a part of your life, but it is the whole life itself. It is not about how many calories you have a day, how many fats you pile up in your body, how many hours you spend to jog every morning. It is more than that.

It is about all of the combinations of behavioral choices. Wellness is the varied dimensions of life that holistically form a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is a term used to describe the combination of physical and mental health. So, it will be about balancing those two dimensions.

It will be such a waste if you have a good career achievement but you only sleep three hours at night. Or you enjoy your social life at fullness, partying every night, but you do not have any good achievements in life. In other words, it should be balanced to taste the sweetness of the value of life.

Here are six elements of wellness in your life that you should put more attention to reach the endless happiness of your life. You can inspect yourself in these six elements, whether you are good enough or still lack in some of them. Grab your notes to mark some points!

1. Spiritual

By spiritual, it means that you must try to find the meaning and purpose of life. This way, you will find the value of your life. You can start joining in activities that can make you feel that you are needed by somebody else. There are many people who need your creativity, your energy, your dedication to continuing their life. You know, everybody has a role in this universe.

2. Emotional

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Understanding and respecting your feelings, values, and attitudes may put you in a good state of emotion. Embrace every emotion that you feel, be it’s sad, angry, or happy. All of them are just something common that everybody has. “It’s okay not to be okay” is the most common quote to embrace the sadness. You only have to manage and do not deny it instead.

3. Physical

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You have to put your physical state in good condition. In general, it is about health, you have to start to eliminate the “bad food” from your storage and change it into the “good food”. For the outside aspect, trying a light workout 30 minutes every morning may increase your healthiness.

4. Career

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By working on your career and achievement, you will fill a place in your heart called satisfaction. As a human, we cannot deny that we need some bucks to live our life. But it’s not the only goal. The goal is you love what you do to get that achievement.

5. Social

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Start to build a positive relationship with others and you will get positive feedback in return. Not only giving care to others, but you also have to let others care about you. We do need somebody to lean on in our darkest day or in our happiest moment in life. Share every moment with others!

6. Intellectual

Learning about something new will give you not only a new point of view but also new skills and creativity. It will make your life more valuable and become meaningful.

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