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Garrapata State Park, Ca

Garrapata State Park

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The Rocky Ridge Path, although steep, is a much better different to the top of the ridge. The canyon path is accessed at a metal entrance at the bottom of a row of Monterey Cypress trees lining the east side of Hwy 1 across from Gateway 8 and also just north of Whale Top. In wintertime search for ladybugs on plants near the creek and early blooming redwood sorrel. Wildflowers are regular along the trail in spring and summertime, however might be hard to picture because the route is narrow and also since it is a preferred treking route amongst residents. Besides Soberanes Point and the short paths to Garrapata Beach, there are just two trails in the state park, forming a 4.5 mile loophole into the hills on the east side of Highway 1.

The official park site listings this route as closed forever; however, since April 2014 there are no signs showing that the path is shut and the trail is well-traveled. It hangs and also washed out in places, however, so be careful when heading down this section. Gate 1 is 0.9 miles southern of Mal Paso Road and 0.1 miles north of mile-marker 6700. I constantly get an adventure when I reach this gate because it is the very first time you see the Large Sur coast if you are taking a trip southern like I normally do. Stroll down the stairways as well as follow the route right out as well as around the edge of the bluffs for views of rocks listed below as well as the coastline.

Garrapata “primary” sandy coastline is roughly two miles southern of Soberanes Point. If there are vehicles examine the bluff/cliff trails to the north before heading to the major beach auto parking at route number 19. For direct accessibility to the coastline, follow the course between the overview cables as well as take the left fork which causes staircases down to the beach. The best fork heads north along the bluffs with views overlooking the coastline.

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One loophole trail climbs 1,800 feet up the slopes for bird’s-eye views of the trees as well as the coastline, though many site visitors come just to gaze at the ocean from along the freeway, or to spend a long time on Garrapata Beach. There are no campsites in the state park; the closest area free of charge outdoor camping is in the Padre National Forest a couple of miles along the narrow Palo Colorado Road, which fulfills the freeway 1.5 miles south of the coastline. Garrapata Coastline has 2 parking areas along the shoulder of Highway 1. Both use the very same sort of accessibility down steep dust trails, however the southern course near the bridge over Garrapata Creek is wider, much safer, as well as much more straight. Situated just southern of the community of Carmel Highlands, the park has high chaparral-covered hillsides climbing steeply above a rocky coastline.

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It deserves walking off trail a short range to the western edge of the factor, a location with intriguing rock developments as well as tiny coves scattered with mussels and also various other marine particles. The landscape has a variety of striking color contrasts, including aquamarine waters, white-topped waves, red-leaved ice plants as well as environment-friendly lawn. Garrapata State Park has 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) of beachfront, with seaside hiking and also a 50-foot reach a view of the Pacific. The park offers diverse seaside vegetation with trails running from sea beaches right into thick coast redwood groves. The seaside bluffs to the west and also east of the Big Sur Shore Freeway are covered with coyote shrub, The golden state coffeeberry, The golden state sagebrush, bush lupine, blue blossom, and also other coastal scrub plants. The park also includes seaside cliffs at Soberanes Point.

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It is located just south of mile-marker 6693, 1.2 miles south of Mal Paso Road and 2.7 miles north of Granite Canyon Bridge and also 1.4 miles north of Whale Top. There is no entrance here, rather a broad two-track trail beginning at an utility pole at the trailhead. In about 100 speeds take the path through the brush heading west and also south to a neglect. From here, you can see even more of the coastline than if you had stayed on the major trail. The descent to the reduced headland is slippery and potentially unsafe. Site visitors to the area need travel no more south than Garrapata State Park to see Large Sur’s famous rocky shoreline at no cost. Accessibility to the park is through 19 numbered yields along Highway 1, and also these are easy to miss out on if you are driving quickly.

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The point includes a 290 foot hill and a collection of beaches, rocks, slim networks as well as small islands. Unlike the pine and also cypress-covered rocks of Factor Lobos, only reduced bushes, turf as well as wildflowers grow on the hills here.

Garrapata State Park

The golden state sea lions, harbor seals and also sea otters regular the coastal waters while grey whales pass nearby during their yearly movement. Garrapata State Park has 2 garrapata state park hike miles of beach front, with coastal walking and a 50-foot reach an attractive view of the Pacific.

The park offers varied seaside vegetation with tracks running from ocean coastlines right into thick redwood groves. The park additionally features impressive seaside garrapata state park hikes headlands at Soberanes Factor. Sea lions, nurture seals and sea otters constant the coastal waters as well as The golden state gray whales pass nearby during their annual migration.


The park includes nearly 3,000 acres of land comprising sea bluff, rocky intertidal, and also sandy beach to the west of Freeway 1 as well as the high foothills of the Santa Lucia Variety to the east. The park is dissected by Wildcat Creek, Malpaso Creek, Soberanes Creek, Doud Creek, as well as Granite Creek and altitude ranges from sea level to 2,011 ft. Studied by a number of faults, Garrapata State Park consists of a mosaic of upright sea stacks of sandstone and turbidite developments, shale, volcanic rocks, chert, and also very broken granite. The trails in Garrapata State Park are exclusively singletrack, as well as much of it is extremely steep. Read more about garrapata state park weather here. However, your initiatives are rewarded with sensational sights of the tough Pacific Ocean coast from the top of the ridge.