October 4, 2022

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15 Lovely Cities and Towns in Iceland

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To discuss a list of Icelandic cities may be a bit of an overstatement. Although the island itself is quite large, the residents are only about 360.000, making it virtually impossible to comprise one city, not to mention an entire checklist of them. If you look closely, those residents are spread out broad and far around the coast, lowering even additionally the population of the most significant city, Reykjavik. But nevertheless, Icelanders will certainly still speak about Akureyri, Hafnarfjordur, Selfoss, and various other bigger towns as cities. A village on an Icelandic criterion would certainly be an area with less than 300 people.

1. Akureyri

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Akureyri is renowned for the appeal to both the community itself as well as its natural environments. It expanded in dimension thanks to its normally ice-free harbor as well as positive conditions for agriculture. There are a variety of fascinating social as well as historic galleries in the center. Yet, the actual must-see is the Arboretum, which contains practically every plant that grows in Iceland. Relying on when you decide to find, there’s also a likelihood that you’ll catch one of the community’s lots of shows, celebrations, as well as exhibitions.

You will certainly want to go to the Akureyri Art Gallery and the Hof Cultural Center, which showcases local aesthetics and executing arts. An additional enjoyable location to see is the Friðbjarnarhús, which has old toys and dolls on the display screen from the late 1800s. Several of the various other Akureyri destinations are the Akureyri Church, Gásir Middle Ages Trading Location, and the Arboretum, which is one of the northernmost worldwide. Akureyri’s outdoor activities are popular, with local excursions to hiking areas, bird-watching, angling, rafting, and horseback riding. In the wintertime, you can take a snowcat excursion into the hills, navigate a day of skiing on Eyjafjördur Fjord, or plan an evening tour to see the aurora borealis. If you want to base on your own in Akureyri and also check out off the beaten path, you can get on the Arctic Shore Way, which adheres to 900 kilometers together with north Iceland, taking you to some of the most remote places on the island. The Arctic Coastline Means takes you with 21 angling towns to the most northern point in Iceland, near the Polar circle.

2. Vík í Mýrdal

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Vík is the southernmost village in Iceland, as well as fewer than 200 people, are fortunate enough to call it residence. The vacationer sector is effectively established right here because of the lovely shorelines on which it exists. The sand on the beach is made of black basalt, as the village rests straight listed below a massive volcano. You’ll likewise see the high cliffs that make the town well-known, as well as the sea heaps that rise out of the water like ghosts. The community is little more than a tiny group of low buildings and also a church rising on capital, however, the memory of all of it makes certain to remain etched in your mind.

The small village of Vík í Mýrdal, or Vik, lies on Iceland’s most southern suggestion and is a beautiful place to go to. The seaside town has some interesting sites to discover, like ice caverns. You can take an ice cavern scenic tour recommended making certain safety while passing through the glacier to get to them. Some of Iceland’s many magnificent falls are conveniently accessed from Vik, namely Seljalandsfoss, Skógafoss, Svartifoss, and Gljúfrabúi. You can also expect puffin colonies. The resident birds are seldom seen and are only present for around three months out of the year, but they are discovered near Vik when they concern nest.

3. Seyðisfjörður

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With its dramatic landscapes and quaint homes, Seyðisfjörður is among the top locations to check out in Iceland. The art scene here is especially vibrant, as well as the town oozes with creative thinking. Seyðisfjörður’s citizens are incredibly friendly and also are always accessible to make you feel welcome. Besides all that, the town sits at the innermost factor of a fjord, so you’ll also have the ability to go trekking around the rising hillsides that rise from the water. Without a doubt, the most effective place for hiking is around the town’s stunning plunging falls.

The first things you will see in this remote town with a population of 700 individuals are the quaint lumber houses built in the early 19th century, the peaceful shallows, and also the comfort of Mt. Strandartindur and Mt. Bjolfur, which border both sides of the valley. Seyðisfjörður is an attractive Norwegian angling village that was developed in the late 1800s. The Church, likewise called Heaven Church, in Seyðisfjörður, is one of the major spots in town, as well as it is distinct because it was relocated from a farm in the late 1800s to Vestdalseyri after that relocated once more and also rebuilt after damages from a major storm as well as a fire. It was moved again to its current home in Seyðisfjörður in 1920, restoring it to its original type, including the pipe organ inside. The exterior tasks in Seyðisfjörður are plentiful, from cycling and also kayaking to angling. The town has a little fairway, a ski location, as well as numerous trekking routes. You can take day excursions on the water for bird-watching and wildlife watching for whales as well as seals. Seyðisfjörður is an excellent place to see if viewing the North Lights is on your must-do list. Its remote location is prime during the late summer season and also wintertime when long, dark, clear evenings present prime viewing opportunities on the arm. There are a variety of outfitters in the area that can plan aurora borealis tours.

4. Kópavogur

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Poetically enough, words Kópavogur translates to “secure puppy bay.” You might see a sealed dog yourself, but even if you do not, you won’t be let down that you came below. Architecturally speaking, one of the most interesting structure is the Kópavogur Church, which rises drastically above the rest of the city. Located just beyond Reykjavik, Kópavogur is the 2nd biggest neighborhood in Iceland with simply over 30,000 citizens and is currently going through fast advancement. The beautiful Kópavogur Art Museum, which opened just three decades earlier, is a must-visit. Kópavogur has a magnificent style, most significantly the Kópavogur Church and also the Gerdarsafn Kópavogur Art Gallery. The landscape around Kópavogur has hills, so there are several hiking tracks to experience and flatter tracks in the Kópavogsdalur Valley. There are various public parks, thermal pools, and bird-watching chances for more than 30 species that travel through the area. While many of the cities in Iceland have little shops and stores, Kópavogur has two malls. The community is not far from Reykjavik, so it is very easy to integrate a check out to both cities while you are in the area.

5. Reykjavik

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Iceland’s resources and biggest city, which is home to fewer than 200,000 people, has a captivating color and beauty. Situated right on the shoreline, Reykjavik is believed to be the first irreversible settlement in Iceland. The city has actually been the capital because of the 19th century when Iceland started to relocate in the direction of self-reliance from Denmark, obtained in 1918. Nowadays, Reykjavik is incredibly lively, specifically throughout the long summer nights, when the sunlight doesn’t establish. It’s additionally the most effective place to come if you intend to look into Iceland’s awesome music scene.

Among the top things carry out in Reykjavik is to check out the Hallgrimskirkja Church. At 73-meters high, you can not miss it. Take the lift to the top and keep an eye out the viewing system’s open-air windows for a scenic sight of the city. While in Reykjavik, you will additionally intend to stroll to the Old Harbour, where you will certainly discover tiny eateries serving regional price, coffeehouse, as well as the port where fishing vessels and whale watching tours leave. Stroll the city streets or get on the public bus that can take you to the Pearlan Gallery and the small stores that market neighborhood products like wool sweaters and pottery. When you get tired of checking out, relax for a bit in one of Reykjavik’s public thermal swimming pools, or you can leave for an outing to heaven Lagoon. Make certain to intend an evening at the gorgeous Harpa auditorium. You can obtain your fill of nature in the capital city with field trip walks on Mount Esja, a morning breath of fresh air in the environment-friendly space of Oskjuhlid, a walk through the lava fields at the Heidmork Nature Get, or by relaxing on the golden sands of the Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach.

6. Selfoss

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Just regarding 30 miles to Reykjavik’s southeast, Selfoss is progressively coming to be a sleeper neighborhood for the nation’s founding. Nonetheless, the town is much more than that. In the summer season, the bordering area is bucolic, making the city bulge. The bridge over the water cuts a significant profile, and the hill rising increases the sight. The most effective time to find is throughout Selfoss’s yearly summertime celebration when the residents decorate the community and sell their homemade crafts and food. An additional enjoyable thing to do is to look at the nearby horse farm for a flight around the location.

7. Húsavík

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The story goes that Húsavík was the site of the initial negotiation in Iceland, when a Viking came for the wintertime and afterward left, leaving behind a man and two slaves that would go on to develop a ranch there. Now, it is just one of Iceland’s vital tourist communities, generally because it’s a wonderful location ahead for whale seeing. Numerous types can be located at the bay, and also you can go to the Húsavík Whale Gallery after you have actually seen one in the real world. As the greatest community in northeast Iceland, this is also a great branching-off factor for a few of the nation’s finest trekking routes. Numerous are also passable during the snowy winter season, so do not shy away from seeing Iceland placed on its winter season finery.

8. Ísafjörður

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Ísafjörður is the largest town in the peninsula of Vestfirðir (Westfjords). The town organizes several of the best cultural occasions outside of Reykjavik, consisting of the Ísafjörður Rock Festival, symphonic music celebration Við Djúpið Music Celebration, as well as the Fossavatn Ski Marathon– a ski race which has been held because 1935. The much northwest town of Ísafjörður is the largest district in the Westfjords peninsula. It is accessible by cars and trucks, as well as there are trips to Ísafjörður from Reykjavik if you do not wish to browse the roadways, which can be tricky in the cold weather. The town has roots in the fishing market and is still an integral part of the economy in the location.

This city is a wonderful location to check out in the north for outdoor tasks like hiking, skiing, kayaking, and bird-watching. This is among the very best places for seeing puffins that are usually spotted on the high cliffs of Látrabjarg. Various other outdoor must-dos in Ísafjörður are the Drangajökull glacier as well as the impressive falls at Dynjandi. Ísafjörður has many social and music events, so it is a good way to hang around with the residents welcoming Icelandic heritage. You can see the folk museum in town to see the earliest residence in Iceland integrated in 1734 and protected along with examples of other early negotiation houses.

9. Hafnarfjörður

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Additionally, located simply beyond Reykjavik, Hafnarfjörður is the third-largest town in Iceland. It was when a vital trading post in the Hanseatic League, and it has been lived in at the very least since the 14th century. Nowadays, it’s a facility of the Icelandic rock ‘n’ roll scene and home to a couple of fantastic festivals, consisting of the Bright Days celebration, which happens yearly in Might and June, and the Viking Celebration, which aligns itself with the summer solstice. People go to from throughout the world to commemorate and also check out the community’s Viking past. Like most of the nation, the area is likewise extremely geothermically active and is house to 3 naturally happening pool.

You will notice numerous lava areas in Hafnarfjörður, as the town was improved 7,000-year-old lava rock, creating an uncommon look of the landscape bordering the residences. There is numerous geothermal credit to the town, consisting of Kleifarvatn Lake, which is the subject of regional mythology and a must-see while you remain in the area. There are great deals of hiking opportunities in Hafnarfjörður. The Krýsuvík Cliffs are a great place to see the Atlantic sea collapsing on the tough coastline and also for bird-watching. Helgafell Mountain has to do with 2 hours from Hafnarfjörður, but worth the drive for a day trek if you remain in the region, as you will certainly see uninterrupted lava fields and developments, along with centuries-old artifacts from early Icelandic settlers. Hafnarfjörður commemorates its society with neighborhood art, food, and performances. There are several art galleries to visit as well as a public art sculpture park. You will certainly additionally discover public geothermal pools in the town, which are a must-experience throughout your stay, particularly if you have actually never been to them.

10. Siglufjörður

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Potentially the most effective time to find to Siglufjörður is in the winter season when you can participate in such winter months sporting activities as cross-country winter sports, ice skating, and also snowmobiling. In the summer season, you can also participate in all types of tasks like golfing and angling. One point of the social rate of interest is the Herring Museum, which will certainly enlighten and educate you regarding just how the search of these fish brought about great economic growth. For a taste of Iceland’s abundant musical heritage, the Folk Music Center is well worth visiting.

11. Vestmannaeyjar

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Just south of mainland Iceland, you’ll find the Westman Islands (or Vestmannaeyjar to the citizens)– the name of both the community as well as the island chain. Normally, it’s a little bit harder to reach this destination, but it’s well worth your while. The island chain is composed of volcanic islands, with the community’s largest island, Heimaey, the most attractive and geographically remarkable. However, among the major reasons that tourists come right here is to see the islands’ puffins, which are really common in the location. They are so common, in fact, that the vivid bird is the town’s emblem.

The island of Vestmannaeyjar becomes part of a 15-island archipelago off the southerly coast of Iceland’s landmass. It takes a bit much more initiative to obtain here. Yet, it deserves the time, particularly if your rate of interest is discovering off the beaten path in several of the country’s farther locations. Vestmannaeyjar is most recognized for the 1973 eruption of the Eldfell volcano, which damaged much of the area. You will certainly want to see the sod-covered houses and bordering landscape of Herjólfur, which is thought to be the initial negotiation in the Westman Islands. You can see the crater left by the famous Eldfell volcanic eruption and walk on the high cliffs of Ofanleitishamar. You can get to Vestmannaeyjar by plane or a ferry from the landmass. Because it is an extremely little island and a community with minimal holiday accommodations and attractions, it is best to simply make your see to Vestmannaeyjar a day trip while you are in Reykjavik or on your method to other cities.

12. Höfn

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The charming fishing village of Höfn on Iceland’s southeast coast is a tranquil community with glacial shallows bordering it. Hofn is close to the Vatnajökull glacier, the largest in Europe. Simply off the shore from Hofn are smaller islands that add to this peaceful and stunning seaside backdrop. Besides the landscapes, there are tiny galleries like the Maritime Museum, hiking trails, a fairway, thermal pools, camping, and kayaking opportunities. Hofn is additionally the area to set out on more hostile Icelandic journeys like antarctic treks in Vatnajökull National forest. There are different ice experiences used by neighborhood guides, from jeep treks to snowmobiling. There is a tiny local airport in Hofn, and there are generally day-to-day trips from Reykjavik. It is nice to walk with the old harbor at sundown when the light mirrors off the water and illuminates the colorful angling watercraft that dock for the evening.

13. Egilsstadir

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There are some spectacular walks to take. You can find informal trails throughout Egilsstadir or join up with a neighborhood hiking club for sophisticated hiking in the mountains. This is a nice region to explore Icelandic society, with brows through to the East Iceland Heritage Gallery, the farmstead of Sænautasel, and also the former monastery of Skriðuklaustur. One of the fun social features in Egilsstadir is the Icelandic poetry written on several of the walls and windows around town. This is an extra contemporary custom-made. However, it commemorates the job of local poets and also the community’s background. Take a walk around town to uncover the creative tributes of scrolling verse. The outdoors in the region are ripe with sightseeing and tour journeys, from going through the vibrant environment-friendly Laugarvalladalur Valley to seeing the huge stones as well as a landscape at Stórurð. Many of the exterior places need a percentage of hiking to gain access to, so plan accordingly for footwear, time, and water.

14. Hvammstangi

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The northwest town of Hvammstangi is a great location to visit, and a bigger municipality is contrasted to several of the various other places in Iceland. It is very easy to find exterior tasks, like horseback riding in the countryside and visiting the Kolugljufur waterfall. If you delight in seeing wild animals, you will intend to schedule a seal seeing tour out of Hvammstangi and check out the Icelandic Seal Center in the town. Hvammstangi was once an important trading center to Iceland, and today it is most known for the seal colonies that live in the shoreline. This is a nice village for discovering genuine, in your area made crafts and knitwear in a few of the tiny shops.

15. Geysir

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Geysir in Iceland is both a location and one of the most well-known natural elements in the nation. The Great Geysir in southwest Iceland has been energetic for more than 10,000 years. The appearing water is uncertain. However, it can blow up to 70 meters right into the air, producing a remarkable sight. The land initially came from a farmer and also has been over the decades and at some point, belong to the nation. Geysir is located along the Golden Circle and is commonly included in the region’s day trips, which is just one of the very best means to see it since you can consist of quits to other sites also.