January 19, 2022

Image by xiquinhosilva from Flickr

5 Places To Go To Dong Nhi Cemetery In Pleiku

1. Minh Thanh Temple
Developed just in 2014, this magnificent and significant Buddhist Temple, surrounded by water functions and bonsai trees, sits south of the city centre. Built just a couple of years back, this superb and big Buddhist Temple, surrounded by water functions and statues, is located in the middle of the city however is serene and peaceful. It is genuinely the Temple where visitors can discover peace and calmness.

2. Chu Dang Ya Volcano
Clouds and mist around Chu Dang Ya Volcano as the dry season offers a way to the rainy season. The image is also a part of a series called “Chu Dang Ya Volcano in-between seasons” by professional photographer Nguyen Ngoc Hoa (Hoa Carol), who works and lives in Pleiku Town. This volcano, located 30 km northeast of Pleiku’s centre and 20 km from the Bien Ho (Sea Lake), is a famous traveller location.

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Chu Dang Ya is one of the exceptional couples of locations in the nation where the soil is appropriate for growing them. When the canna is the incomplete blossom, the wild sunflowers start to emerge on Chu Dang Ya once again. In Gia Lai, visitors need to invest a couple of days in checking out the Hang Thong Road – Bien Ho Tea Garden – Chu Dang Ya Volcano path, thought about the most gorgeous there.

3. T’Nung Lake
Located about 6km north of Pleiku city, Sea Lake (understood as T’Nung Lake) was when the volcanic plateau stopped millions of years back. Coming to Pleiku, Lake T’Nung, or Sea Lake is one of the locations any visitor can not miss out on. Lake T’nung or Lake Sea is a freshwater lake situated in the northwest of Pleiku city, Gia Lai province, about 7 km from the city centre along the Highway 14.

The lake is as a pearl of Pleiku in between the mountains of the Central Highlands. Going on T’Nung lake by canoe, visitors will be amazed by the fresh air in the lake location and the serene and stunning landscape of greenish pine trees on the two sides of a winding roadway, some dug-out boats and fishing rods on the lake, and terraced fields on mountains.

From the Sea Lake, visitors can zoom in and out to see an entire location of Pleiku with such as tea hills, hills of coffee, etc. Each time of the day, Sea Lake has its appeal. In the early morning, the lake is complete with a mysterious mist; in the afternoon, the sun is high, the water is green.

4. Thien Duong Giac Son
Pleiku is not far. However, a couple of people know about Giac Son meditation hall, a tranquil location situated at the foot of the hill. Thien Duong Giac Son is located in Pleiku. Following the worldwide travel coordinator, Pleiku destinations like Thien Duong Giac Son can form part of a tailored travel schedule.

The rain curtained over the young pine forest all the way to the meditation of Giac Son meditation. The prominent location of 1.2 ha, such as a garden of Eden with all kinds of “unique flowers”: apricot bean, magnolia, pearl orchid, hydrangeas, history of death, celestial bird, water lily apricot, cymbidium, peach Nhat Tan, heather, and many more. The leaves are flowering, and the flowers are decently flowering in the middle of the rainy day.

5. Kon Ka Kinh National Park
Kon Ka Kinh National Park is found on the Kon Tum Plateau, in the locations of districts Mang Yang, Klang, and Dak Doa of Gia Lai Province. With the function of protecting subtropical forests in the high mountains with types of gymnosperm, Kon Ka Kinh National Park was one of 4 nationwide parks in Vietnam. Together with three other national parks in Vietnam: Bachelor’s Degree Be, Chu Mom Ray, and Hoang Lien), likewise, one of 27 national parks in ASEAN was noted on ASEAN Heritage Park.

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The very best time to explore the top of Kon Ka Kinh National Park is in between December and March, which is the dry season in the Western Highland. Throughout this season, the weather condition is fresh, and there are great deals of flowers blooming. And local people hold various celebrations consisting of elephant race celebration or buffalo battling celebration.