September 22, 2021

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Tiananmen Square: Visit Guide

Tiananmen Square (actually “Square of the Gate of Heavenly Peace”) is one of the biggest public squares in the world. The square is in front of the Forbidden City and has a number of sights of its own, consisting of the Monument to the People’s Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong.

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Tiananmen Square is a Chinese nationwide sign representing a significant gate of valour. Found at the heart of Beijing, the Chinese capital city, Tiananmen Square is an embodiment of the Chinese Communism as it grows more powerful by the day.

Highlights and Travel Tips

A large landscape of pavement, Tiananmen Square uses up more than 400,000 square meters and can hold over one million people. In addition to the breathtaking area, the square is an ideal place to take images of Tiananmen Gate (the “Gate of Heavenly Peace”), among the most symbolic structures in China.
Other highlights of a journey to Tiananmen Square consist of the flag-raising and decreasing events at dawn and sundown, respectively, along with the changing of the guard at particular times throughout the day. Understand that these events are exceptionally popular with domestic Chinese travellers and it is frequently challenging to protect an excellent position for seeing the event.

Chinese travellers from around the nation descend on Tiananmen Square to take their images in front of the picture of Chairman Mao. A few of these travellers are from remote backwoods and might seldom see non-Asian faces in their home town, so be gotten ready for a few of them to take pictures of you or ask you to take pictures with them.
Keep in mind that walking the square can be very hot throughout the summertime, as there are no trees or shade. Keep in mind to use a hat, use sunblock and bring lots of water. There are stores and toilets around the border of the square, so if you require to purchase a bottle of water or go to the bathroom, do so previously going into the square.
All visitors to Tiananmen Square need to get in from one of the numerous particular entry points, all of which have airport-level security, consisting of metal detectors and x-ray makers. Many individuals check out Tiananmen Square on their method to the Forbidden City, and the 2 sights can be done together in early morning or afternoon.

History of Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square has actually stood against the test of time and history is evidence to it. Its historic roots date back to much earlier times, the Square was broadened to 4 times the preliminary size in 1651 throughout the reign of the Ming Dynasty. And therefore, it is consisted of in the leading 10 biggest public squares in the world, although the biggest one goes to Dalian’s Xinghai Square.

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Here is our guide to take you to the popular locations around Tiananmen Square.

1. Flag-Raising Ceremony
One significant sight worth discussing in the Tiananmen Square is the flag-hoisting event, although it lasts just for a couple of minutes. As the Guard of Honor raises the Chinese National Flag, you will witness a happy environment as the flag flies high in the background of Tiananmen Square.

2. The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square is a palace complex that houses the Palace Museum where the art and artefacts of the past rulers are kept for the screen. It exhibits conventional Chinese culture and architectural marvels. It is among the world’s distinguished UNESCO Heritage websites with the biggest assemblage of ancient wooden structures.

3. National Museum of China
Another substantial and crucial place to check out in Tiananmen Square is the China National Museum in the eastern front. It integrates the traditionally substantial Chinese Museum and the Chinese Revolutionary Museum, which was charged to uptake China’s biggest collection of artefacts and to secure its tradition.

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4. The Great Hall of People
The Great Hall of the People is located on the western fringe of Tiananmen Square. As the name recommends, it serves as the congressional conference place for Chinese legislators.

5. Beijing Railway Museum
The Beijing Railway Museum is another renowned place situated in the south-eastern corner of Tiananmen Square. Experience the high-octane interactive session with the train simulator apart from searching the olden artefacts and centuries-old changing posts of the Chinese Railway.

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